"As IRON SHARPENS IRON, so one man sharpens another" - Pro 27:17

Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI), is an online Christian fellowship and forum to not only share the word, but also experiences and outlook of fellow Christians. We are our brothers keeper, iron sharpening iron and we do it all by trusting in Jesus Christ through his word, and depending on his resurrection power to make us who he has destined us to be.
This vision was born in Dec 2006 as a Men's Group, offering support and encouragement to brothers in their various struggles in this Christian walk. We all are riddled with issues, struggles and concerns that we can’t seem to openly address in church, and are left to repress or pretend away. Thank God for the word of God, which transforms us from within.
Over the years, ISI grew into being more than just a "brothers club". It is the same word of God that transforms all of us. In Oct 2010, the group fully evolved into an online Christian Fellowship, opening the doors for our sisters to join in.

Currently, the ministry reaches over 30,000 people online daily, has a Prison’s outreach program, and an Intercession ministry where prayers are made on a weekly prayer conference call every Friday @ 10pm EST, and an online prayer group on Whatsapp where prayer requests/points are posted and prayed over by our Prayer Team