Kenneth Tamara - Pastor and Founder

Kenneth Tamara is a Minister of the gospel, a published author, independent recording artist, and an entrepreneur. His passion is to share the life transforming message of the gospel through writing and music and with this ministry, Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) which was birthed in 2006. Visit his website to learn more about him and connect with him - Kenneth Tamara

Chico Washington - Prayer Minister - Online Prayer Group & Prayer Conference Call

I am Chico Juan Washington-Scipio, and though I have had my ups and downs in life, I am committed to living for the Lord. As a child, I grew up having a relationship with the Lord, being baptized at the age of 10, and growing up through the hard lessons I learned. As a result of this, I am not only dedicatedly involved in my church, but I also choose to help out and volunteer my time in my community. The love and peace I get through my relationship with the Lord empowers me to serve in my community in an effort to stop the prevalent violence. My vision and passion is to go to higher heights with the Lord, and to be willing to commit to whatever pleases him.
I have a passion to be a preacher, and will be pursuing that passion later this year as I attend Valor Christian College, a renowned Bible College in Columbus, OH.
One of my greatest inspirations was my late grandmother, Lilla R. Pearson Washington. She taught me how to walk with the Lord, and be the person I am today – a motivator on all positive levels of life.
I currently am serving under Pastor Everett Mitchell at Tower of Power Ministries in my hometown Steubenville, Ohio. I have sung in choirs and performed mimes, both in current and past churches I attended. Professionally, I am a model and actor. In between my acting jobs, I work a regular 9 – 5.
I can be contacted on twitter @sixplusfiggaman, and on facebook at C.J.Washington

ARON ZION - Prayer Minister - Online Prayer Group

Aron Zion Khunou is a preacher of the Gospel and is based in South Africa. He is well travelled, ministering in Durban and Johannesburg, and all over Africa. He is multi talented and involved in several ventures, from being a Composer, Musician and Music Producer to being an Author, Actor and Movie Producer. He is blessed with a prophetic anointing and an anointing for healing. His motto is "Give God your all; should you die, you have done your all". He can be connected with on TwitterInstagram and Facebook

SESAN ASPEN - Prayer Minister - Online Prayer Group

Sesan Adamolekun Aspen, is a Nigerian preacher of the gospel with a prophetic anointing. He has a passion to preach faith for healing for those in need of miracles. This is as a result of a personal miracle he experienced in his life through his faith in God. He was dead in an accident but God brought him back miraculously in order to testify and bring more souls to Him. Contact Sesan Aspen directly on facebook for more details.